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raccoon2Before we start talking about services, we have to take a moment and realize that animals are just doing what animals do to survive. Its not that squirrels fault you allowed your gutter to fall off your house, or your failure to fix that space under the deck last summer!!! So before you go crazy on that animal, keep these things in mind.

I have been doing this type of work for a long time. The situations never seem to surprise me. One man thought it was a good idea to try and smoke raccoons out of his chimney. Three days later when the maggots were falling out of his fireplace into his living room, he decided to call. There were four baby raccoons dead on his smoke shelf. They were too small to escape the smoke and heat. If this man did a little research before doing what he did. He would of learned that there was most likely babies in there.

In Massachusetts, you need a special permit issued through the Divisions of Fisheries and Wildlife to perform problem animal services for hire. This is different than a Pesticide License issued through the Department of Food and Agriculture. Before hiring someone to take care of your problem, make sure they are trained and licensed. Here is a link to check someone out. http://www.mass.gov/dfwele/dfw/wildlife/pac/pac_agent_index.htm


Inspections Removals Exclusions Trapping



Inspections are part of ever service, but sometimes people do not know if they have a problem or not. They hear things at night in their home., An inspection can usually find what it is. Finding droppings, claw marks, fur, tracks or rub marks with trademark damages can single an animal out. Other times it could be a loose shingle or tree branch rubbing on the house. Either way, a well trained Pac Agent will narrow it down.

Inspections are usually call in for:

Unexplained noises at night

New home owners wanting a Pest/Problem Animal inspection

Unexplained odors

Unexplained damages


These services are for people who may leave their basement door open and a skunk gets in. Basically these are animals that get themselves stuck in a situation and has to be removed. Most times these animals can be liberated on site. Other times the, animals need to be transferred to a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for care.



This service is very involved, requiring the most amount of time and materials. It is usually done when the animal is living in your house. A tedious process of screening, repairing and sealing, makes your home as animal proof as possible. One way doors are used to allow animals a way to exit, but deny their return. It usually requires more than one service to complete, and its all guaranteed. Sometimes this technique is used in conjunction with trapping.



We are trained expert wildlife trappers in the state of Massachusetts.

Trap Tech takes great care ensuring our wildlife is treated in a humane manner. We will not,and do not engage in activities dentermental to the enviorment or the wildlife it supports. 
Trap Tech uses havahart type box traps that are designed  not to injure the animals.  Traps are checked every day, sometime twice a day ,so no animal has to wait in a trap any longer than necessary.
While traps are placed on your property, Trap Tech will be monitor phones 24 hours a day.

When animals are caught, they are inspected for injuries. If they are injured, they will be transferred to a wildlife rehabilitation center for treatment.

We follow the law regarding all aspects of this business.You can find the laws here. http://www.mass.gov/legis/laws/mgl/gl-131-toc.htm